Creative DIY Projects Using Old or Repurposed Wheelbarrows.-:Complete Guide

Are you looking for a creative way to upcycle or repurpose an old wheelbarrow? This guide provides unique ideas on how to transform wheelbarrows into useful DIY projects. You will be amazed at how easy it is to create something entirely new out of items you may already have or can easily source!

A wheelbarrow is one of the oldest human-powered tools and has been used for centuries to transport goods, plants, and other materials. But these days they are often seen as an eyesore or a useless item taking up room in the garage. However, with a bit of creativity and imagination, you can turn your old wheelbarrow into something new and wonderful you’ll want to show off!

We’ll look at some interesting ways to bring new life to your wheelbarrow and how to make it look better in no time. From outdoor furniture to garden planters and even washrooms, this guide will open up your eyes to the endless possibilities of turning your old wheelbarrow into something far from ordinary. So let’s get started!

Explanation of the topic

DIY projects can be a great way to repurpose, recycle and re-imagine old objects that have lost their luster or become obsolete. Wheelbarrows are no exception. Whether made of wood, metal or plastic, wheelbarrows come in all shapes and sizes and can easily be refurbished into new useful items.

This guide will explain the various ways to use old wheelbarrows in creative DIY projects such as planters, benches and even an outdoor kitchen. Additionally, this guide will discuss the best supplies to use, safety measures to take into account, as well as any special tools required to do the job most efficiently and effectively.

Importance of repurposing old wheelbarrows

The concept of repurposing old wheelbarrows is gaining traction and popularity as more people seek to reduce the amount of waste produced. By giving an old wheelbarrow a new life, you’ll be helping to reduce the ecological footprint and support sustainable living. Additionally, there are so many creative and interesting projects that can be created using a recycled wheelbarrow. Not only does this add aesthetic value to your garden, but it also provides an opportunity to make unique pieces of garden decor that no one else will have!

It’s important to note that safety is a key consideration when dealing with used or recycled materials. You should inspect any used wheelbarrow carefully before carrying out any work on it, ensuring that the structure is still sound and free from any damage such as rust or broken parts. Once satisfied with its condition, you can begin planning what fun projects you could make with it! To get you inspired and excited about repurposed wheelbarrows, here are some project ideas:

– Herb rack – Turn an old wheelbarrow into a functional herb rack by installing shelving on one side which will hold spices or herbs that can then be accessed easily while cooking or gardening.

– Flower Pot Holder – Paint your discarded wheelbarrow in vibrant colors and fill it up with lots of flower pots bursting with colors for a stunning display in your garden.

– Mobile Beverage Station – Give more life to your choice of beverage station by turning two wheels into stationary furniture pieces so the other two wheels can move freely for convenience in serving guests at outdoor parties or gatherings.

– Outdoor Trash Can Holder – Transform your old wheelbarrow into trash collection station by mounting several trash cans inside for easy access for guests outdoors without having them search through bins for disposal rubbish bins.

Benefits of DIY projects

DIY projects can offer a number of benefits, including enjoying a sense of satisfaction after creating something useful and enjoyable. Repurposing an old wheelbarrow into something more interesting or decorative can help create an exciting space and bring additional life to your outdoor areas. Plus, you’ll be doing something unique with items that would normally end up in the scrap yard or landfill.

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly popular to find creative uses for items that can otherwise be hard to recycle or reuse. Doing-It-Yourself projects allow you to save money and have fun all at the same time. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive materials as many items required can often come from secondhand stores or even found laying around your own home. Plus, you get the added benefit of learning new skills while completing your project.

DIY projects are great for helping develop problem-solving capabilities as well as individual creativity – all while giving your space and environment some extra flare! With the right tools, imagination, and drive you’ll turn any old wheelbarrow into something exciting and innovative in no time!

DIY Indoor Projects

Indoor projects are the best place to start with a repurposed wheelbarrow, especially for more practical purposes such as storing items and creating extra space in your home. Here are some ideas for upcycling an old wheelbarrow into an indoor furnishing:

Laundry Hamper – Provide a conveniently mobile laundry solution by making a covering out of thin boards of wood, fabric or canvas. Assemble the four sides of your hamper and attach to the frame of the wheelbarrow with screws or nails.

Magazine Stand – Paint the base and sides of a large wheelbarrow in any color that suits your decor. Drill holes in each side if additional support is necessary, securing the board using screws or nails. Use S hooks to attach your favorite magazines onto both sides, giving it a unique look with one-of-a-kind character.

Pot Rack – An old metal wheelbarrow makes an excellent pot rack due its strength and durability! Paint it with metal paint to give it added protection from rust and corrosion. Attach metal rods onto each side as shelves for kitchen utensils where desired before hanging them on walls for easy access when cooking!


Many people struggle to find storage solutions for countless items around the house. A bookshelf constructed from an old or repurposed wheelbarrow can provide a novel and creative solution.

To construct a bookshelf, start by sawing off one side of the wheelbarrow, approximately two-thirds of the way up from the bottom. The newly exposed surface should be smoothed and sanded down, then painted or stained to the desired color or finish. You should also remove any handles that may still be attached at this point.

Next, create a wooden base and platform onto which you will attach your now hollowed-out wheelbarrow. While doing so, make sure to account for any shelves as well as supports underneath them. To complete this project, add in additional boards across the back of your shelf to act as a structure support beam and paint them accordingly. If necessary you can also add casters on your new bookshelf in order to make it mobile wherever needed in your home.

Once completed you will have a beautiful and unique bookshelf with plenty of space for storing whatever items you may need out of sight at home!

Toy box

A wheelbarrow can make a great toy box. Its sturdy design and spacious interior make it the perfect size and level for storage, as well as transportation of outdoor toys, art supplies, dress-up clothes and so much more.

Take an old wheelbarrow, give it a few coats of paint in any color or pattern that suits your style and you have the perfect container for all your children’s toys. You can even sand the edges a little to give it a rustic look. Add some comfy cushions to the top and you have an instant seating area too!

Wine rack

Adding a rustic charm to your kitchen, dining area or bar-room, a wheelbarrow wine rack can be an excellent feature for any home. With this DIY project you can use old or repurposed wheelbarrows to create a unique and interesting display for your wines.

Depending on the shape of the wheelbarrow you can choose from several different designs. The most popular choice is the horizontal layout, which allows bottles to be placed side by side with the labels visible – great for show-casing special vintage types. You could also opt for a vertical stacker style, with multiple stacks of two or three bottles across each other on either side of your wheelbarrow. For vertical racks opt for a deeper wheelbarrow so that you can stack more bottles inside it.

You may like to vary the type of wood used when creating the wine racks, depending on your stylistic preferences but pine and fir are both popular materials because they are relatively light yet sturdy. This project is relatively simple to undertake and requires nothing but basic tools (e.g saws, hammer and screwdriver), more complex equipment like drills always come in handy too! Once finished simply add some bunting or fairy lights around to give it extra charm!

Laundry basket

Laundry baskets are a great option when repurposing wheelbarrows. They can be used to easily separate clean clothes from dirty clothes while they’re still in the wheelbarrow. Using a drill and some screws or nails, you can attach a dry cleaning rack to the upper handle of the wheelbarrow. This will hang over the sides of the basket and allow you to place clothes on it.

Additionally, you can add some baskets for smaller items such as socks, underwear and more. For extra convenience, attach a removable laundry bag for carrying out your dirty clothes to the washers. Not only is this convenient for bringing back clean laundry as well, it provides some durability if stored outside from time-to-time.

III. Step-by-Step Instructions for Each Project

This section breaks down each project in order from easiest to more complex and provides detailed step-by-step instructions to help you create your very own unique piece. The projects included are as follows:

  1. Planter – Great for adding a splash of color in any space or creating a raised garden planter box.
  2. Serving Trolley – Effortlessly move food and drinks between rooms on this rolling mini bar.
  3. Kids Table & Chairs – Use two small wheelbarrows with the legs attached, to create an adorably unique kids’ table and chairs set!
  4. Swing Chair – Repurpose an old wheelbarrow into an outdoor swing chair perfect for reading, relaxing or enjoying the summer breeze in your backyard or patio area.
  5. Sandbox – With just a few extra materials, turn an old wheelbarrow into an outdoor sandbox that your children will enjoy for years to come!
  6. Herb Garden– Create your very own lovely herb garden with a repurposed wheelbarrow!

Materials needed

Before beginning any DIY project, it is important to establish a clear plan of action. Before you can repurpose an old wheelbarrow, you need to decide what type of material you want to make from it and gather the tools and supplies necessary for the job. It is equally important to make sure that your wheelbarrow is in good enough condition for repurposing — holes, splits and rust can all weaken the structure and create safety hazards.

Here is a list of materials that are generally needed for DIY projects involving wheelbarrows:

-Wheelbarrow: The most obvious item needed for any repurposing project — check it over carefully before beginning!

-Power tools (e.g., electric drill/screwdriver): You may need power tools if your project requires cutting, drilling or otherwise manipulating the material in any way.

-Nails/Screws/Bolts: Depending on the complexity of your project, you may need a variety of fasteners such as nails, screws or bolts.

-Paint: Repainted wheelbarrows usually look great! You will have lots of color choices when planning a painting project; however, remember that some paints don’t adhere well to worn or rusty surfaces — consider using spray paint or primer if necessary.

-Glue/Adhesive tape: Adhesives provide extra strength when connecting two pieces together; be sure to use products specifically designed for outdoor use such as weatherproof epoxy glue or adhesive tape made from vinyl or aluminum foil.

-Hardware cloth/Wire mesh: If your design requires attaching small items (e.g., birdhouses) onto the interior surface of a round area, hardware cloth or wire mesh can help hold them in place securely.

Tools needed

Before carrying out the DIY project, you first need to be equipped with the necessary tools and supplies that are required to complete it. In general, tools that are needed for this project include a hammer, screwdriver, saw, pliers/wire cutters, sandpaper/sander, drill and safety equipment such as goggles. However, the specific tools will differ depending on what type of materials you’re working with and what kind of project you’re attempting.

It is also important to have all supplies or parts ready for assembly before starting so there’s no unexpected delays. Additionally, depending on if you are planning to paint your wheelbarrow after assembly or before using other products like sealants or waxes may require different resources so be sure to plan ahead.

Step-by-step instructions

If you have an old or repurposed wheelbarrow laying around, it can be used in creative DIY projects. Step-by-step instructions are necessary to ensure these projects are completed correctly and safely. Here are some ideas and instructions to help get you started:

  1. Turn a wheelbarrow into a planter. Drain holes will need to be drilled in the bottom of the bed first, then add some soil and plants of your choice. This is an easy way to brighten up any outdoor space!
  2. Use the sides of the wheelbarrow to make shelves or hanging storage baskets that can be used inside or outside the house – this is especially handy if you’re tight on space in your garage or shed!
  3. Transform your old wheelbarrow into a stunning garden fountain – all you need is a submersible fountain pump, plumbing kit and decorative stones for it too look extra special!
  4. Paint your wheelbarrow in bright colors and use as indoor furniture – it’s perfect as sliding storage under couches, dining tables or sideboards!
  5. Create an alfresco bar by adding a countertop (which could also be made out of recycled wood) to your wheelbarrow and fill it with glassware as well as beer or wine bottles for those summer evenings with friends!
  6. If you love animals then turn your old wheelbarrow into pet transportation – attach handles so that its easier for kids to move around small pets like bunnies, hamsters etc., put cushions inside so they remain comfortable during longer journeys!


The wheelbarrow is an iconic garden or farming tool, but with a bit of creative thinking, it can become so much more. With a few simple modifications, an old wheelbarrow can be transformed into a statement piece for your yard or home. From planters and fire pits to patio seating and even dressers, the possibilities are truly endless.

And for those of us without the space for a traditional garden bed, there’s no need to worry – wheelbarrows make great raised beds too! Whether you choose to get creative with all kinds of DIY projects or simply stick to the classics, one thing is sure – wheelbarrows are some of the most versatile tools around.

Have fun experimenting with all kinds of ideas until you discover one that fits your style and space best!


What can I do with old wheelbarrows?

You can repurpose old wheelbarrows in several ways, such as turning them into planters, compost bins, outdoor tables, or even as decorative pieces for your garden or yard.

How do you restore an old wheelbarrow?

To restore an old wheelbarrow, you need to clean it thoroughly, repair any damaged or rusted parts, repaint it, and replace any worn-out tires or handles.

How to make your own wheelbarrow?

To make your own wheelbarrow, you will need materials such as wood, metal, or plastic for the body, wheel, axle, and handles. There are several DIY tutorials available online that can guide you through the process.

Which materials can be used to make a wheelbarrow?

Commonly used materials to make a wheelbarrow include wood, metal, plastic, and even concrete.

How do you turn a wheelbarrow into a planter?

To turn a wheelbarrow into a planter, you need to fill it with soil and plant your desired plants. You can also add some decorative elements such as rocks, pebbles, or flowers to enhance its visual appeal.

What is the use of wheelbarrow in building?

Wheelbarrows are commonly used in building and construction to transport heavy materials such as cement, sand, gravel, and bricks from one place to another.

Can I use an old wheelbarrow as a planter?

Yes, you can use an old wheelbarrow as a planter. It can add a rustic charm to your garden or yard and is a great way to repurpose an old and unused item.

What is the oldest wheelbarrow?

The oldest wheelbarrow is believed to be from the Han Dynasty in China, dating back to the first century AD.

What simple machines can be found in a wheelbarrow?

A wheelbarrow has several simple machines, including a lever for the handles, a wheel and axle for mobility, and an inclined plane for the body.

Can you make a fire in a wheelbarrow?

It is not recommended to make a fire in a wheelbarrow as it can cause the paint to peel, weaken the metal, or even cause the wheelbarrow to catch fire.

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